Pennsylvania "Dutch" Hex Signs Barn Signs Folk Art Decor
traditionally hand drawn and hand painted hex signs, empowered prayers and folk art by hexerei Starwalker

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about the art of the Pennsylvania Dutch hex signs

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Hex signs are constructed using skills we learned in geometry, for bisecting lines and angles, dividing a circle into 6 equal arcs and by connecting points on these figures and circles with arcs or lines.

Non-geometric motifs are positioned equally spaced around the circle using guide lines, which are then erased.

The non-geometric forms can be hand painted, or traced on lightly with a pencil from a pattern cut from stiff paper.

Traditional hex signs are painted directly on the barn surface, and use a minimal number of colors, typically black and white against the red of the barn. The painter used a compass made from a nail, string and pencil to inscribe large circles and arcs. Modern hexen are painted on plywood circles and mounted with screws. They can also be painted on smaller circles for display in the house, and sometimes are used to adorn hope chests, baby cradles or boxes -- decorative or functional, like the wooden cheese box, left. In the past, I have painted the designs on muslin circles mounted in primitive circular wooden frames, for indoor display.

Most hex signs available commercially are mass produced by screen printing on metal or masonite. The latter lacks durability and if mounted outside, will warp and curl quickly in the weather.

Check out the hex STORE for examples of traditional hex signs and modern designs in the manner of this folk tradition. They are cut from exterior grade plywood, painted with Glidden exterior house paint. If you are interested in commissioning a custom hex for your house, garage or barn, email me and we can discuss your needs. Be sure to browse some of the previously commissioned custom hex signs that I have deisgned and painted.



Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Sign for natural balance

tradtional welcome Pennsylvania Dutch hex sign

Pennsylvania Dutch hex sign Double Creators Star

Pennsylvania Dutch Hex sign for protection

Pennsylvania Dutch Hex sign for inspiration