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Traditionally Hand Drawn and Hand Painted and Hex Signs, empowered prayers and folk art by hexerei Starwalker

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Custom Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs

Click on the small image to see a larger version.

This custom sign for family peace, love and faith represents the family's three daughters as robins.

Custom pennsylvania dutch hex sign for family peace and love

I recreated the old traditional sign for the customer, who had purchaced it as a commerical silk screened sign many years ago. The original had been hanging inside their home to protect it from the elements; the masonite on which these signs were printed does not hold up to exterior display. The family wanted a larger, durable sign to actually mount on their barn, and they got it!

recreation of commercial hex sign for outdoor display

This unique sign was a gift for someone with a vinyard. Central swirling swastika design symbolizes the creative energy. It is surrounded by 6 grape leaves alternating with 6 bunches of grapes under a sunny scalloped circle reminiscent of  arbors. The outer 8 pointed blue star offer the masculine energy of protection and balances the feminine symbolism of the grape motifs. Interspersed sun dots bring blessing year round.

custom pennsylvania Dutch hex sign for a vinyard

This sign for Love and a Happy Home was customized with a central leaf motif of oak leaves, for strength at the center of the family and with the family's names (blurred for their privacy) surrounding the design.

Any sign can be customized with family names or dates to commemorate birth, marriage, or the continuing family connection when someone passes over.

pennsylvania dutch hex sign customized with family names

Protection surrounds the welcoming double distlefink design in this 36" custom exterior sign.

welcome and protection pennsylvania dutch hex sign

In an adaption of a very traditional form, this sign offers protection for both horse and rider. The central silouette was taken from a photograph of the owner of both sign and horse as they jumped.

custom Pennsylvania Dutch hex sign protection for horse and rider

This traditional design is called the "swirling swastika" and evokes growth, motion and change.

Several of these signs will soon adorn a the barns of Round the Bend farm.

custom hex sign

My latest concept combines the ancient power of the hex designs with the even more acnient energy of stone. This hex will overlook a market garden in the Bangor area in Maine.

A recent custom commission, this sign includes the owners' personal logo and stylized moose. This design now hangs on a barn in NY state.

A customer requested a Natural Balance for outdoor display that had the coloration of the indoor version which is painted on muslin. This sign now graces a Wisconcin farm.

natural balance barn blession

Wearing her other hat, as the owner and lead designer for Vision IPD (Internet and print graphic design services), Jj was asked to design a logo for Seasons Eatings Farm in Washington County, ME. She incorporated the logo at the center of this Double Creator's Star hex as a blessing of continued prosperity for this farm family.


SeasonsEating hex sign

This custom hex, featuring a sand dollar surrounded by hearts, was a wedding gift. The customer stated "This an important symbol for marriage for my sister and her husband."

sand dollar hex sign

Commissioned by a breeder of bloodhounds, these hexes call for the blessings of strength and protection upon the dogs as they work.

bloodhound protection hex sign

These signs are recreations of older work, commissioned by an artist representative company in Annapolis, MD on plywood for interior display.

abundant year hex Blessed Year Hex Abundand Year Hex 

This series of Protection designs was painted for a client who was looking for unique gifts for her widely-scattered family.


These 10" hex signs were painted for interior use on plywood.

The client also wanted a custom design for herself, for natural balance. She wanted the center to be a 6-pointed star to represent both the masculine and feminine aspects of Deity.