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Pennsylvania "Dutch" Hex Signs — Barn Signs — Folk Art Decor
Traditionally Hand Drawn and Hand Painted and Hex Signs, empowered prayers and folk art by hexerei Starwalker

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Many people attribute the circular barn sign designs to the German culture, however the barns in Germany are not decorated! There are, however, many circular geometric designs in various cultures, and traditional designs are often used in the painting of hex signs. These traditional designs may or may not have "magikal" symbolism.

It is hard to track down the history of the designs in the US, as there is much dispute over the nature and purpose of hexen. Many old timers insist that they were painted "just for pretty" and as old barns fall into disrepair, or are repainted, the designs are left to weather away or painted over. Not every farmer wants to have tourists at the gate, snapping pictures of the "picturesque" barn!

Other folks may admit that "once upon a time" the designs were attributed with "magical" properties of protection, or as a talisman of fertility for livestock and crops, or invocation for a balance of rain and sunshine. But that was then... OR WAS IT?